About Falcon

Founded in 1980 at Leicester, Falcon Cash & Carry a family owned business operating for the last 40 years. The glory of Falcon Cash & Carry success is the ascent it has come to accomplish in the field of offering complete range of authentic Asian Foods. We currently have a store in Leicester and we have recently opened our Nottingham store in summer 2019.

Falcon Cash & Carry is the leading Ethnic Supermarket in the East Midlands. We stock huge range of Quality Indian Groceries, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Frozen Foods, Fresh halal Meat, Fresh Bakery items. World Foods like Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Arabic & Middle eastern, Iranian foods and groceries, etc., Falcon aims to deliver the best shopping experience to meet our customers’ needs with the best possible fresh groceries and spices from all over the world, with great value for money and excellent customer service. We also stock our shelves with a wide range of well-known brands, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our business and continue to improve the shopper experience through online and in our stores.

The jewel in Falcon is its very own flagship brands ‘Falcon’ , ‘Mustafa’ & ' Suhana' our three brands offer a range of handpicked spices, lentils, whole spices and ground spices, blend of spices , pickles , chutneys and flours sourced directly from India and other countries around the World; not only do we have a wide range of products but we are now starting to sell organic and gluten-free products. We are always looking to bring new things to our business to ensure you as a consumer are happy with our services. Maintaining the highest standards in quality, Falcon Cash & Carry has been one of the most preferred places to shop and we aim to achieve this through our online platform too.