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Falcon – Affordable Indian Grocery Online in the UK

Falcon is a leading online Indian groceries delivery service in the UK, specialising in affordable Indian spices and other grocery items.

Founded in 1980 at Leicester as a family owned Cash & Carry store, we have expanded to become one of the largest places where you can order Indian groceries online.

We offer a huge selection of quality Indian groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen foods, fresh Halal meat, and fresh bakery items. You will also find foods and ingredients of cuisines from all over the world such as Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Arabic & Middle Eastern, Iranian, among others. At Falcon, our focus is to bring you the finest Indian spices and groceries and deliver them conveniently to your doorsteps.

So whether it’s aromatic Indian spices, oils, ghee, rice, flours, fresh fruits or quality meat – if you’re looking to buy Indian groceries online, Falcon is your place