5 Indian Spices to Boost Your Immunity & Overall Health

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Posted: June 22, 2022

We encounter countless bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens every day. Often our immunity is the only thing preventing these germs from making us seriously ill. But even our immune system needs proper maintenance and regular upkeep. To make sure they keep standing strong against any threats that may potentially cause damage to our bodies.

There’s no “magic pill” when it comes to boosting our immunity. However, incorporating certain Indian spices, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help you get those extra vitamins and minerals essential for a strong immune system. In this article, we discuss the ways in which five spices - easily available in your nearest Indian grocery store - can boost your immunity and improve your overall health.


If you ever tried an Indian curry dish before, you’d recognise turmeric as the spice that gives the curry its golden-yellow hue. There are several proven health benefits of turmeric. It contains a high amount of curcumin - a strong cluster of antioxidants that prevent inflammation and protects cells from radical particles.

Pro tip: incorporate turmeric in stew based dishes to add a natural vibrant colour and bring out a pleasant earthy flavour.


Ginger is a versatile Indian spice and is a common ingredient in many Asian cuisines. It packs a zesty punch, with a slight peppery and sweet note. However, ginger offers much more than strong flavours. They are high in aniti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, preventing free radicals from penetrating your cells and weakening your immune system.

Pro tip: add sliced or grated ginger to your tea to get that zesty flavour punch every morning. To maximise health benefits, use garlic alongside ginger, as together these are a power duo. They help to reduce congestion, stomach aches and fight cold symptoms.


An Indian spice celebrated for its medicinal properties for centuries, cinnamon is no stranger to the Western food culture. This aromatic condiment is loaded with cinnamaldehyde, which helps reduce inflammatory response in your body. Besides, there is compelling evidencethat suggests this staple Indian spice can also help in controlling high cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Pro tip: add cinnamon powder to a bowl of apple oatmeals for breakfast to get your daily dose of healthy deliciousness.


Slightly roasted cumin seeds can take flavours of any Indian curry to the next level. High in thymoquinone, cumin provides potent anti-inflammatory agents to strengthen your immune system. They also help to control blood pressure and fight bacteria, all whilst providing iron and promoting digestion.

Pro tip: add a pinch of cumin powder to grilled chicken breast to bring out a warming and nutty flavour.


This intense aromatic Indian spice helps reduce oxidative stress - boosting your immune system to help prevent the development of many chronic illnesses. Furthermore, cloves contain high amounts of Vitamin K and Manganese with anti-bacterial properties.

Pro tip: add ground cloves to your salad dressing for a sweet-bitter taste and the right amount of heat.

Should you incorporate Indian spices into your diet?

Along with treating and preventing a wide range of ailments, Indian spices and herbs have been used to promote general health and wellbeing for thousands of years. Rich in nutrients and minerals, these spices are flavourful and easy to consume. Providing the ever needed antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties to boost and maintain a healthy immune system. With scientific research pouring in everyday in favour of the health benefits of these condiments, it’s high time we all start incorporating them in our regular diet.